How to Browse Clip Art in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

How to Browse Clip Art in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Office 2011 for mac has two distinctly different ways of browsing your Clip Art collection. The quick, easy way is to use the Clip Art tab of the Media browser. A more robust way of working with your clips is provided by Clip Gallery.

Inserting Clip Art from the Media browser

The Clip Art tab of the Media browser displays your Clip Art collection. Click All Images at the top of the browser to display a pop-up menu that lets you filter results by pre-selected categories. Drag the slider at the bottom left and right to resize the clip previews.


Mastering the Office 2011 Clip Gallery

Another way to view your Clip Art collection is the Clip Gallery. You’re probably wondering how to get clips from Clip Gallery into a document. That’s easy. First open the Clip Gallery by choosing Insert→Clip Art→Clip Art Gallery. In the Clip Gallery, select the clip you want and do one of the following:

  • Double-click a piece of Clip Art. You might think that nothing happened. Actually, every time you double-click a piece of Clip Art, it’s placed behind the Clip Gallery window in your document. So don’t double-click more than once!

  • Click the Insert button. This option exits the Clip Gallery window and places the piece of Clip Art in your document. Hold the Shift key down to select more than one clip.

  • Drag the piece of Clip Art from the Clip Gallery to your document. If the Clip Gallery is covering your document, you need to drag the Clip Gallery window a wee bit so that you can see both this window and your document at the same time.

Finding more Clip Art

The Media browser shows only a limited collection of pictures and drawings that belong to the larger Office Online Images and Media collection, which includes millions of pictures, drawings, sounds, and animations.

As the proud owner of Microsoft Office, you’re entitled to use the content available from Office Online at If you visit that site, you might find it entirely Windows-centric. But don’t worry — all the pieces of Clip Art that you can download from this site work within Office for Mac applications.