Edit and Manipulate SmartArt Graphics in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Edit and Manipulate SmartArt Graphics in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

In Office 2011 for Mac, SmartArt is a component that allows you to represent your data or ideas visually. If you select a SmartArt graphic, you can use the Edit SmartArt group of the SmartArt tab of the Ribbon for three things:

  • Shape: You select one or more boxes or shapes within a SmartArt object and then click the Shape button. A menu appears with several galleries that contain many different shapes. Click the shape you want to the selected boxes to have.

  • Right to Left: Some SmartArt objects are asymmetrical. Click this button to change the arrangement of the shapes so that things grouped on the right are pushed to the left. Click a second time to put them back. Clicking this button with an Organization Chart selected, for example, flips all your listings horizontally.

  • Org: This option is available only if you have selected a shape within your Organization Chart.


Applying graphic styles to SmartArt in Office 2011 for Mac

When you’ve selected a SmartArt object, the SmartArt Graphic Styles gallery is activated on the SmartArt tab of the Ribbon. The gallery provides previews of styles that you can apply to your SmartArt as well as color variations.


SmartArt can take its color from your document’s theme. Before using the color control of the styles grouping, change your theme:

  • If you’re using Word or Excel, visit the Home tab of the Ribbon and click the Themes button. Then make selections from the resultant Themes gallery.

  • If you’re using PowerPoint, visit the Themes tab of the Ribbon and select a new theme from the Themes gallery. You can also access the Theme Options group and just change your Theme Colors from the Colors button, which brings up a gallery of the same name.

After choosing a theme, return to the SmartArt tab of the Ribbon and access the SmartArt Graphic Styles group to explore these options:

  • Colors: This button opens the Colors gallery.

  • Styles gallery: Click the arrows at each end of the gallery to scroll, or click near the center at the bottom of the gallery to expose the drop-down gallery. Click to apply a style.

Resetting SmartArt in Office 2011 for Mac

The Reset group on the SmartArt tab has two functions:

  • Reset Graphic: Click to remove the style you applied and restore the default look to the SmartArt graphic.

  • Convert: In Excel and PowerPoint, you have two options.

    • Convert to Shapes: Converts your SmartArt object to shape objects.

    • Convert to Text: Converts your SmartArt object into a bulleted text box.

To convert bulleted text in PowerPoint to a SmartArt graphic, first select all the text, then right-click it and choose the Convert to SmartArt option in the resultant pop-up menu. This will activate the SmartArt tab of the Ribbon.