Apply Text Effects to Text Boxes in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

You can create all sorts of text effects in Office 2011 for Mac. When you click the Effects button on the Format tab of the Ribbon, you can choose from the following effects, each of which has a submenu that displays preconfigured options. Most have a shortcut to the Text Effects dialog.

  • Shadow

  • Reflection

  • Glow

  • Bevel

  • 3-D Rotation

  • Transform

Keep in mind that when you apply text effects within a box or shape, there needs to be enough room around the text for the effect to show. Resizing the text box to be larger can make room for the text and its effect.

Making a Warp transform with Office Effects

The Transform effect is unique to the Effects button. To get this effect, take these steps:

  1. Click into the text within a text box or shape.

  2. Double-click the text, in this example Drink, to select it.

  3. On the Ribbon, click the Format tab. In the Text Styles group, choose Effects→Transform. In the submenu’s Warp group click the Can Down effect.

  4. Drag the purple diamond downward deep into the shape to squish the text so that it fits better on the cylinder.


Hold the mouse over a Transform button to see its name in a ScreenTip.

Making a Follow Path Transform with Office Effects

You have the ability to make text follow a curve, using the Follow Path transformation.

  1. Click the Ribbon’s Home tab, and in the Insert group, click the Text Box button.

  2. Drag a text box in your document.

  3. Again from within the Home tab of the Ribbon, choose a font and apply some font format options like making the text bold.

    Try making the text a little larger (at least 20 points) and use a phrase that has plenty of characters.

  4. Click the text box border to select the box.

  5. Click the Ribbon’s Format tab. In the Text Styles group, choose Effects→Transform. In the submenu’s Follow Path group, click Arch Up.

  6. Drag the purple diamond and resize the box until the text has a nice arch.

As you drag the purple diamond, the ends of the curve grow or shrink. Let go of the diamond, and the text tries to fill-in to the end of the lines.