The Dreamweaver Insert Panel - dummies

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin

The Dreamweaver Insert panel (choose Window→Insert) provides quick access to many of the most useful HTML elements. The popup at the top of the dialog box organizes features into categories.


This panel has several categories of tools for elements that you might want to quickly and easily add to a page. Some items in the default set include the following:

  • Common: Includes basic elements: link, e-mail link, anchor points (invisible links that make it so people can jump from place to place on your page), table, image, date (which has several options for formatting), and comment (for adding a code comment).

  • Forms: Inserts the elements you need to build web forms. The elements found under this toolbar are radio buttons, check boxes, and text boxes. Each has special attributes that you can set via the Properties Inspector after you add them to the page.

  • Text: This group is another place with options for formatting text. Special types of formatting are available here, such as headings and definition lists.


All the elements available on the Insert panel are available via the Insert menu.