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Preview Pages from Dreamweaver in Any Browser

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin

You can preview a page in Dreamweaver using any browser installed on your computer. And remember, looking at a web page in Browser is really the only way to see what your page will look like in any particular browser.

To preview a page in a browser, choose File→Preview in Browser, and select a browser from the submenu.


Although Design view shows a close rendition, different browsers display things a little differently. You need to preview your pages in the actual browsers you’re designing for.

Clearly, in this multimedia era, nobody can preview web pages in every browser, browser version, or device. Depending on an assessment of your audience, you should make decisions about what environments are critical.

If the significant audience of people using Internet Explorer 6–8 is critical to your mission, test on those browsers. If iPad users are most important, you might need to get your hands on an iPad.

You can use the Adobe BrowserLab option in the Preview in Browser submenu to avail yourself of Adobe’s (at this writing, free) online utility that simulates how pages will look in various browsers. It doesn’t test for mobile devices, but it does test how your pages will work in older browsers (as well as current versions of full-sized browsers).

BrowserLab is a valuable resource because no designer will have access to actual working versions of older browser versions. The following figure, for example, shows a page being tested in Internet Explorer 6.