Spotify and Facebook Connection Issues - dummies

Spotify and Facebook Connection Issues

By Kim Gilmour

Spotify on Facebook is classified as a third-party platform app, which is a mini-application that plugs into Facebook. In your Facebook account’s settings, you can actually block certain apps from appearing or turn off platform apps altogether. Facebook has countless apps, and it’s possible that once upon a time, you (inadvertently, of course) blocked Spotify.

(You may have blocked Spotify by hovering your mouse over a Spotify notification in your News Feed, clicking the X that appears on the top-right, and choosing to block the app.)

To unblock the Spotify app on Facebook, or check whether you’ve blocked all apps, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Facebook and click the down arrow on the top-right.

  2. In the drop-down list that appears, choose Privacy Settings.

  3. In the Apps and Websites section at the bottom of the Privacy Settings page that appears, click Edit Your Settings.

  4. In the page that appears, next to the Apps You Use heading, check whether you’ve blocked all platform apps from Facebook.

    If you turned off all platform apps, a message says You Have Turned off All Platform Apps, Games and Websites. If you don’t see this message, then your apps are on — skip to Step 6.

  5. Click the Turn on All Platform Apps link to enable apps again.

  6. Click the Back to Privacy button that appears on the top-left of this page to go back to your main Privacy Settings page.

  7. In the Block Lists section, which appears at the bottom of the page, click Manage Block Lists.

    You then get to a page that lists all the applications you’ve blocked from Facebook.

  8. In the Blocked Apps section, scroll down the list of apps you’ve blocked and see whether Spotify is there.

    Each blocked app has an Unblock link next to it.

  9. If Spotify appears in this list, next to Spotify, click Unblock.