How to Announce Upcoming Shows on Your MySpace Music Profile - dummies

How to Announce Upcoming Shows on Your MySpace Music Profile

1Log in to your MySpace music profile.

Your band’s MySpace home page appears.

2Click the Edit Profile link.

3The Edit Profile page opens, displaying the Upcoming Shows tab by default.

On this tab, you add, delete, and edit the details of any shows you’ll be playing in the near future.

4Enter a show date and time.

Fill out the date and time of the upcoming musical masterpiece that you’ll be playing. You can click the calendar icon to make your date selection a little easier.

5Enter a venue and cost.

If you actually want some people to come to your show, it’s probably a good idea to let them know where you’re actually playing and how much it’ll cost them to get in the door.

6Enter the show location information.

This location info can be searched by other MySpacers who might be looking for a show to check out.

7Enter a description.

Add information that lets the people who come to your show know everything they need to know for maximum enjoyment.

8Click the Update button.

The Preview Show window opens.

9Click the Save button.

The show appears in the Upcoming Shows section on your MySpace home page.