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Successful Online Community Managers Have a Way with Words

By Deborah Ng

Words are powerful tools. They sell, command, direct, and suggest. How you use words as an online community manager has a bearing on how well you and your community members get along, as well as how well your customers respond.

Having a way with words is more than simply writing a sentence. Part of your job is attracting people to your community and you’re not going to do that with bland writing. Not only do you have to attract the attention of the search engines, but you also have to attract the people who land on your community pages via search engines or other means.

People read differently online than they do offline, but they also have short attention spans. They scan the computer screen rather than become truly absorbed in content. Your words have to keep their attention for longer than five seconds.


Keep these points in mind as you create content:

  • Use eye-catching headlines.

  • Write in a conversational tone.

  • Make your writing open-ended so that folks respond.

  • Use anecdotes.

  • Keep community members engaged by asking interesting questions and discussing the responses.

  • Use a kind, positive tone.

  • Don’t be afraid to inject humor into your discussions.