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How to Measure the Amplification of Your Social Media Engagement Efforts

By Aliza Sherman, Danielle Elliott Smith

Hidden behind the noise of social media, competing for attention, is amazing content — your amazing content. Occasionally, you may feel as if you’re standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, shouting your message, asking questions, and sharing an extraordinary story with only this response: an empty echo.

The key to hearing more than an echo is to listen. As you move from one social platform to another, as you share an image, as you ask a question, or as you dole out a slice of content that you know is special, you gauge the results.

Did your community like an image 84 times, comment 24 times, and share it 2 times — yet no one responded when you asked whether they had plans for the weekend? The solution is easy: Share another image and try a different type of question.

Though some social networks provide you with insights into how well people are responding to your social media engagement efforts, a myriad of third-party tools can help you measure response rates across your social networks or on the ones that lack built-in tools. Here are a few good options:

URL shorteners

Social media management tools

Other tools with useful analytics

To avoid having to simply notice the ebbs and flows of responses when you’re trying to engage, invest in the appropriate analytics tools to more accurately and consistently read how well you’re engaging. These tools can help you determine how to improve the way you engage and in turn improve the results of your engagement efforts.

As you respond, engage, and talk, your customers will see you as an individual, not an entity. You’re humanized. You gain credibility and trust. You win.