Basic Features of the Koran - dummies

Basic Features of the Koran

By Sohaib Sultan

Part of Koran For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The Koran, Islam’s holy scripture, details the tenets of the religion quite differently than the Bible explores Christian beliefs. Keep these features of the Koran in mind when reading the scripture:

  • The oral tradition: The Koran’s oral tradition gives the Book its aura. The recited word of the Koran is much more powerful than its printed form, especially if the text has been translated from Arabic into another language.

  • The non-linear approach: The Koran doesn’t follow a systematic historical or thematic approach. Rather, stories from the past, laws, and moral teachings drive the Book’s narrative.

  • The non-historical story: The Koran doesn’t include specifics of history, including times, places, and lineage. The moral of the story, which transcends time and space, trumps the details of history.