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Tools to Monitor and Restrict Content and Usage Amounts on Your Child’s Mobile Phone

By Amy Lupold Bair

If you want more control or monitoring options for your child’s mobile device consider purchasing parental control software or applications. You can find programs to monitor and control usage, block content, and locate your children through their phones.

None of the software replaces having honest and frequent discussions with your kids about responsible and safe phone use. If used, these tools should be partnered with open communication with your children rather than replacing conversation. The best way to know what your kids are doing on their mobile devices is to talk with them.

These software tools can help you track or limit mobile phone use:

  • PhoneSheriff allows parents to block functions according to time of day, track the mobile device via GPS, block communication with certain numbers, and record all text messages and phone calls.

  • Mobistealth allows you to access your child’s location in real-time as well as through a historical tracker, record calls, listen live to calls, access an activity log, view web history, and view contact details.

  • My Mobile Watchdog features location tracking, the ability to, via text messages, block any application (such as the phone’s camera), block specific websites, and set time limits.

  • Mobile Spy allows you to track location, record calls and texts, and restrict applications. Mobile Spy also allows you to record social media activity, such as Facebook messages.

  • Everstealth records phone calls, tracks phone position, records web history, monitors contact lists, logs text and other messages, records images taken and received, and provides access to all social media communication on the device.

  • eBlaster Mobile allows parents to view transcripts of text messages, view web history, block content, track location, and log phone history.

  • SpyBubble gives parents the ability to track calls, read text messages, track location of the mobile device, see phone contact information, log e-mail, view web browser history, and view all photos being taken with a mobile device.