Tips for Creating a ‘We’ Mentality for Your Family - dummies

Tips for Creating a ‘We’ Mentality for Your Family

By Sue Atkins

Part of Raising Happy Children For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

A ‘we’ mentality is a sense of personal family identity in contrast to a ‘me’ mentality of individualism. A ‘we’ mentality builds trust, support, loyalty, love and a true foundation for security and self-esteem. Here are some tips for building a ‘we’ mentality:

  • Encourage family traditions. A family tradition is any activity the entire family does together, such as preparing a roast on Sundays, watching football on the TV, or going on an annual camping holiday.

  • Create memories. Memories don’t have to be of expensive holidays or of receiving lavish gifts. They can be simple moments of being together or of something funny that someone said or did.

  • Take time to talk. Talk about your experiences and your needs and take time to listen to each other.

  • Work together to develop your family’s rules and routines. State the rules in a positive way and don’t have too many of them.