Soothing a Crying Baby - dummies

By Stefan Korn, Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij

Part of Being a Great Dad For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

Babies cry for lots of different reasons and respond differently to soothing techniques, such as the following. Find out what works for your wee one:

  • Feed your baby, he may just be hungry.

  • Burp him, he may have air trapped in his tummy.

  • Change his nappy, he may be uncomfortable.

  • Check he’s not too hot or too cold by putting your hand on the back of his neck. It should feel comfortable (not sweaty or cold).

  • Rock him gently, or cuddle him.

  • Take him for a walk in a stroller, back pack or sling.

  • Try to settle him in bed if he seems tired.

  • Sing a lullaby or play some soothing music.

  • Give your baby a warm bath, or have a bath with him.

Settling a baby who’s upset is hard work and can be tough emotionally for you. If your baby’s crying is overwhelming you, and you’re getting wound up or angry, put your baby in a safe place, such as on her play mat or in her cot, and take a breather. Take a few minutes to calm down, then go back to your baby.

If you’re alone and need to talk to someone about your baby’s crying, call your Well Child provider or child health nurse.