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Online Tools for Family Management

By Amy Lupold Bair

Online tools and downloadable apps are available for everything from potty training to chore chart creation. Some resources specialize in one area of family management, and many others help with a variety of needs within one site or application.

The following are a snapshot of the types of online tools available for parents, highlighting some of the ways how this digital age has made parenting easier than ever:

  • Springpad enables families to create online notebooks where they can collect everything from favorite recipes to family photos. Rather than simply collect your information, this digital tool’s enhanced capabilities include other features, such as a map to a favorite restaurant or show times for a movie the family wants to see.

    What makes Springpad and similar services great for families is your ability to share your notebooks with friends and family. Parents can collaborate on family vacations or projects and access them anywhere via the Internet.

  • Remember the Milk helps the digital family organize lists and projects, which enables families to create and organize tasks. You can use this app to create task lists from bill paying to child pick-up as well as add tools to make those tasks easier. You can share the task with other family members and share duties as well as prioritize jobs and add tasks to shared family calendars.

  • Intuition, Mom’s Assistant bills itself as a “personal assistant for moms,” helping moms to organize everything from to-do lists to wish lists. This family management app doesn’t focus on simply one area (say, grocery lists or tasks) but allows you to integrate as many aspects of your life as you choose by offering an Everything Else category. Users can sync with existing iCal or Google calendars.

  • Cozi is another app that chooses to tackle every aspect of family management rather than focusing on one area. With the Cozi app, you can manage your family’s calendar, which your entire family can access, sending appointment reminders and even getting week long agendas delivered to inboxes. Cozi allows you to sync your Cozi calendar to other calendars, such as Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendars. This online organizer offers

    • Family calendar

    • Shopping lists

    • To-do lists

    • Family journal

    • Meal planner

  • AboutOne is a family management system that not only helps you organize your online task lists and calendars, but also provides you with a way to organize offline information, such as pet records, receipts, and car maintenance.

    Unlike some other family management products, AboutOne uniquely focuses on its incredibly high level of security assurance, helping digital families reduce paper clutter by storing paperwork and receipts in a safe and secure online location. AboutOne offers a complete system for families looking to move beyond a shared family calendar and task lists to actually digitize every aspect of their lives.

  • Famundo is a free service to help simplify family schedules. This online calendar service provides a social network of sorts for families, allowing you to send messages to family, friends, and anyone connected to your family hub.

    You can use Famundo to upload and share photos, lists, and blogs with family and friends while also creating and sharing a schedule. Famundo also offers services to organizations, but the tools included in the service are very useful to busy families trying to stay connected online.

  • Famjama enables you to create and share shopping lists, schedules, and to-do lists. Famjama enables you to connect existing online calendars as well as e-mail accounts, making it easy to share calendar events and message your entire family. A unique feature of Famjama is its connection to a coupon service, allowing you to add items to your shopping list and locate related coupons all from one app.

  • Google Calendars is a free service with which you can create calendars linked to your Google account. You can share individual calendars with family members as well as receive calendar notifications on your mobile device. You can also provide editing access to calendars, allowing multiple members of the family to edit the same family calendar.

Here are some tools that help you manage a specific aspect of family life: