Online Tools for Family Budgets - dummies

By Amy Lupold Bair

Some families may find that the most useful aspect of living in a world with nearly endless online tools means being able to budget for the family with these tools. The following three online services offer families a way to organize family expenses online, sharing access to secure accounts and eliminating some of the paper clutter that overwhelms many families:

  • Mint is a service that lets you organize all your financial accounts in one location, create a budget, and track goals. The free mobile app connected to allows account holders to access their financial information in one place via their mobile devices. Families can use to set family goals, such as vacations or purchases for the home, and then track the progress toward this goal.

  • Manilla allows families to securely upload all financial information in one location for free. From your home computer or mobile device, you can use Manilla to create bill pay reminders, manage online accounts, and organize paperless statements.

  • PearBudget focuses on budget creation and after a 30-day free trial is available for $5 a month. This online tool is great for families who perhaps haven’t ever created a budget in the past and are looking for an online tool to help them get started.

Before entering any sensitive financial information, verify that the site is secure by looking for an https URL, a lock icon in the URL or lower-right hand corner of your browser, or by checking the properties of the site to verify encryption.