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Internet Search Options that Are Safe for Children

By Amy Lupold Bair

A variety of platforms, tools, and applications have been created with the express purpose of allowing kids to safely search the Internet. The following are some of the options for parents who would like to allow children to browse the internet without close supervision, but still feel confident that their children are not being exposed to inappropriate content:

  • Ranger Browser, a free application available for both Android and iOS, replaces the standard web browser on the tablet or phone, and provides the following safety features:

    • Provides five levels of filtering

    • Gives parents the option of setting use time limits

    • Records all visited websites for parents to view

    • Allows parents to both allow and block specific websites

  • KIDO’Z, a tool available for phones (both Android and iOS), tablets, and computers, provides a free trial, but to fully access the tools, parents must purchase a license of use. A KIDO’Z subscription includes access to the KIDO’Z Browser, prepopulated with thousands of kid-friendly content from sites that were created for kids.

  • Ask Kids is the child-friendly version of, a free search engine designed specifically for children ages 6–12. Ask Kids uses a proprietary search engine to filter content around a variety of core educational topics. This safe browser is intended to be a resource for kids needing to search the Internet for educational purposes.

  • KidsClick!, a search engine created by librarians hoping to catalog sites and age-appropriate information for kids, allows children to browse by topic or use a search engine. The search results include not only a description, but also the suggested reading level.

  • Awesome Library, a web-based search engine designed to provide kids with a safe place to find educational resources, provides kids with only carefully reviewed search results.

  • Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too provides kids with a Google-based search engine that contains safety filters. This site also provides a catalog of pre-screened links on topics ranging from news to nature.

  • uses a prescreened directory of resources to allow children to search the Internet or browse a directory according to categories.

  • Sweet Search designed for use by students, provides search results that have been evaluated by experts before appearing on the site.

  • Quintura Kids, a children’s search engine, handpicks the sites that appear in search results and rechecks sites from time to time for safety. Search results appear not only in a traditional list format, but also in a tag cloud of suggested terms to help kids refine their search and find more relevant information.

  • KidRex, a free browser-based search engine powered by Google Custom Search, uses Google SafeSearch to provide results that focus on kid-related web pages. KidRex also maintains its own database of inappropriate keywords and websites to help filter and provide safer search results for kids.