How to Use Parental Controls on the Xbox 360 - dummies

How to Use Parental Controls on the Xbox 360

By Amy Lupold Bair

The Xbox 360 is a popular gaming console, but as parents, you need to know what your child can do and how to limit that access when it becomes necessary to do so. The parental controls provide a few different options for controlling timing features, access to particular games, and even social gaming functions.

To turn on Xbox 360 Parental Controls, do the following:

  1. Turn on your Xbox 360 console and go to Settings.

  2. Select the Family square and then select On to use the Parental Controls feature.

  3. Set the four-digit pass code.

    • Console Controls: Set limits for the entire console.

    • Game Ratings: Limit game play by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating. Check out the ESRB website for a complete listing of game ratings.

    • Video Ratings: Limit the viewing of videos according to rating.

    • Access to Xbox LIVE: Limit access to the Xbox LIVE platform.

    • Family Timer: Set time limits by individual accounts. This can be general settings for the entire console or limited by user account.

  4. Select Done.

Did you forget your Xbox 360 pass code? Call 1-800-4myxbox to reset your number.