Activities for You to Share with Your Baby - dummies

By Stefan Korn, Scott Lancaster, Eric Mooij

Part of Being a Great Dad For Dummies Cheat Sheet (Australian Edition)

As well as having fun with bub, you’ll be developing his abilities and muscles when you try the following activities. Both you and baby can benefit!

  • Lie him on his tummy. Also known as ‘tummy time’, a few minutes a couple of times a day on his tummy helps strengthen your baby’s back and neck muscles. On the floor you can do some visual activities such as blowing bubbles or slowly moving a ball in front of his eyes. Place some objects such as toys just out of reach. He’ll try reaching them as he develops his physical skills.

  • Blow bubbles. Watching bubbles helps your little one’s eyesight and gets him looking up during tummy time, strengthening his neck muscles.

  • Move him around. Movement is good for getting those synapses or brain connections firing and linking with other parts of the brain. Try some gentle rocking, or have him lie on your lap facing you as you move your legs up and down. Or you can have bub on your shins while you lie on the floor. Hold his hands and lift your legs. He’ll love it.

  • Read to him. You can’t start the book habit too early. Picture books with clear contrasting colours are a big hit.

  • Talk to him — a lot. He can’t understand your words, but he’s listening and learning and picking up language faster than he ever will again. You don’t have to discuss Shakespeare or politics, just talk about what you’re doing or seeing.