Divorce Decisions in a Nutshell - dummies

Divorce Decisions in a Nutshell

Part of Divorce For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

You face many tough decisions when negotiating a divorce agreement. In most cases, the basic questions you need to ask yourself boil down to the following:

  • Where will you both, and your children, all live afterwards?

  • Who will the children live with or will you share their day-to-day care?

  • If you agree on the children living primarily with one of you, how will they keep in contact with their other parent?

  • Will you use a parenting plan? If so, what will it include?

  • Which one of you will pay child support?

  • How much will the child support be?

  • Will the child support include items such as spending money, any private healthcare for your children, school tuition, and other child support ‘extras’, such as coaching or music lessons?

  • How long will the child support last?

  • Will maintenance (spousal support) be paid? If so, to whom and how much?

  • How long will the maintenance payments last?

  • What are your assets?

  • What are your debts?

  • How will you divide your assets (for instance, your home, cars, pensions) and how will you share out the paying off of your debts?