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Network Administration: Net Services Commands

Among the more useful commands for network administrators are the Net Services commands. These commands are all two-word commands, beginning with Net — such as Net Use and Net Start. Here are a few details about the Net commands:

  • You can get a quick list of the available Net commands by typing net /? at a command prompt.

  • You can get brief help for any Net command by typing net help command. For example, to display help for the Net Use command, type net help use. (Yes, we all could use some help.)

  • Many of the Net commands prompt you for confirmation before completing an operation. For these commands, you can specify /Y or /N to bypass the confirmation prompt. You’ll want to do that if you include these commands in a batch file that runs unattended.

    You can use /Y or /N on any Net command, even if it doesn’t prompt you for confirmation. It is recommended that you place /Y on every Net command in a batch file that you intend on running unattended.