Network Administration: Adding SharePoint Users - dummies

Network Administration: Adding SharePoint Users

One of the first things a network administrator does after creating a SharePoint site is to add one or more users for the site. SharePoint recognizes three different types, also called groups, of users:

  • Owners have full control over the site. Owners can add or remove pages, change the look and feel of pages, manage site settings, and perform any other administrative tasks necessary to keep the site running well. You should create a limited number of owners.

  • Members can add content to the site but can’t change the site’s overall structure or modify its settings. Most of your users should be Team Site Members.

  • Visitors have read-only access to the site: They can view the site’s pages but cannot add content of their own.

Here’s the procedure for adding a new member:

  1. Log on to the site as an Owner.

    Only an Owner can manage users. If you created the site yourself, you’re already designated as an owner.

  2. Click the Site Actions button and then choose Site Settings.

    This brings up the Site Settings page, shown in the following illustration. As you can see, this page contains links that lead to various site administration pages.


  3. Under the Users and Permissions heading, click the People and Groups link.

    This brings up the People and Groups page, as shown in the following illustration.


  4. Select the group you want to add the new user to.

    The site groups are listed in the Quick Launch area on the left of the page. The illustration above shows the selected Members group.

  5. Click the New drop-down list and then choose Add Users.

    The Grant Permissions dialog box appears.


  6. Type the name of the user you want to add in the Users/Groups text box.

    You must type the actual domain account name. To add more than one user, separate the names with semicolons. If you want, you can click the Browse button (represented by an address book icon) to browse for names.

  7. Click OK.

    The user is created. You’re returned to the People and Groups page, where the new user account is now listed.


After you’ve created a new user, you can edit the user’s settings by clicking the user’s name. This brings up the User Information page. Initially, there isn’t much user information — just the user’s name and Active Directory account. You can rectify that situation by clicking Edit Item, which brings up a form that lets you enter the user’s e-mail address, descriptive About Me information, a picture, and so on.

Any SharePoint user can access his or her own User Information page by choosing My Settings from the log-on control that appears at the top right of each SharePoint page.