How to Connect a Mac to a Windows Networking Share - dummies

How to Connect a Mac to a Windows Networking Share

By Doug Lowe

After you have joined your Mac to a Windows networking domain, you will have access to its network shares. You can access the shares via the Finder. Just follow these steps:

1Click Finder.

This opens the Finder.

2Choose Go→Connect to Server.

The Connect to Server dialog box appears.

3Type the smb path that leads to the server share you want to connect to.

To type a smb path, follow this syntax:


Replace the server-name with the name of the server that contains the share and share-name with the name of the share. For example, to connect to a share named files on a server named lowe01, type smb://lowe01/files.

4Click Connect.

You’ll be prompted for login credentials.

5Enter a domain username and password, then click OK.

Precede the user name with the domain name, separated by a backslash. For example, if the domain name is lowewriter.pri and the user-name is Doug, enter lowewriter.priDoug as the username.

Once connected, the files in the share will be displayed in the Finder window. You can then open files directly from the share (provided you have the right software, such as Microsoft Office, to read the files). You can also drag and drop files between the Mac and the file shares.