How to Access a Network Printer Using a Web Interface

By Doug Lowe

Printers that have a direct network connection often include a built-in web server that lets you manage the printer from any browser on the network. The following figure shows the home page for an HP LaserJet 400 M401dne printer. This web interface lets you view status information about the printer and check the printer’s configuration. You can even view error logs to find out how often the printer jams.

Using a printer's web interface.
Using a printer’s web interface.

To call up a printer’s web interface, enter its IP address or host name in the address bar of any web browser.

In addition to simply displaying information about the printer, you can adjust the printer’s configuration from a web browser. The following figure shows the networking settings page for the HP printer. Here, you can view and change the network configuration details, such as the TCP/IP host name, IP address, subnet mask, domain name, and so on.

Changing network settings via a printer's web interface.
Changing network settings via a printer’s web interface.

As the network administrator, you may need to visit the printer’s web page frequently. Add it to your browser’s Favorites menu so that you can get to it easily. If you have several printers, add them to a folder named Network Printers.