Viewing Network Address Translations - dummies

Viewing Network Address Translations

By Edward Tetz

If you want to see the IP Network Address Translations (NAT) mappings or translations on your Cisco device, you can use the show and debug commands. Some of the commands that give you information about the translations running on your Cisco device are summarized below.

Commands to Manage and View NAT Status
Command Description
clear ip nat translation Removes a dynamic NAT translation from the mapping or
translation table
debug ip nat Displays information about IP packets that are being translated
by NAT
ip nat Defines that data on the selected interface is subject to NAT
translation rules
ip nat inside source Configures NAT to use an inside destination address
ip nat outside source Configures NAT to use an outside source address
ip nat pool Configures pool of addresses to be used as outside source
show ip nat translations Shows a list of active NAT translations