MicroWorlds EX: Get Started on Your Golf Game: Build Your Green, Hole, and Obstacles (Part 1)

You can create a mini golf course using the MicroWorlds EX program. As the game designer, you control the graphics tools to paint your golf green, create the hole, and build obstacles on your course. Double click the yellow backback on your desktop to open the MicroWorlds EX interface. Here, you see the Menu bar, a tool bar, your workspace, and four panes — Procedures, Projects, Processes, and Shapes. At the bottom is your command center, where you can issue individual commands or look for errors in your code.

To get started, open the Painting and Clipboard palette by clicking the yellow diamond at the top of the toolbar. Create your background color (green is wise for a golf course) and then select the filled oval and change to a darker green to drag out some circles that look like a golf green.

Create your hole by switching to black and a new drawing tip. You can also make a water trap by going back to the filled oval and selecting a shade of blue.

All mini golf courses have obstacles, and you can add one to your game by making an object. All programing environments let you make objects — in MircoWorlds, objects are called “turtles”. Select a turtle and move it into your workspace wherever you’d like, then return to your Painting and Clipart palate and click the singles (the flower icon). You can chose whatever you’d like to become your obstacle.

Lastly, before you get too far into your project, you’ll want to give your game a title.