How to Publish Your MicroWorlds EX Projects on the Web - dummies

How to Publish Your MicroWorlds EX Projects on the Web

By Camille McCue

If you want to share your completed MicroWorlds EX projects with your friends or anyone online — even if they don’t have the MicroWorlds EX software — you can put your creations on the web. Users will see your projects in Presentation mode, but they won’t be able to see or edit your project code.

To share your project via the web, you need to output your already saved project as HTML, and then upload your project to a website. In order to see a project posted on the web, users need to install the MicroWorlds plug-in. The following sections explain the steps in more detail.

Outputting your project in HTML

Follow these steps to output your project in HTML:

  1. In MicroWorlds EX, open your completed and saved project.

  2. From the menu bar, choose File>Create HTML Template.

    The Choose a Folder dialog box opens.

  3. Navigate to the folder where you want to save your project.

    It’s a good idea to create a new folder for outputting your project. The program will automatically save all the files you need — the .html file (the webpage that will show your project), a new copy of the MWEX project itself, and all the linked media.

  4. Click the Choose button.

    All the files for your MWEX project (for example, your mwx file, the HTML file, and any linked media) are saved in the same folder.

Uploading your project to the web

To post your MicroWorlds EX project on the web, you must have access to a website hosted on a server, and upload capabilities, such as FTP file transfer. Upload the entire contents of the folder you just created (your .mwx project file, the .html webpage file, and any linked files) to the server hosting your website using the procedure you typically follow.

Helping your website visitors install the MicroWorlds EX plug-in

Users who visit your website require two items in order to view your project online:

  • The MicroWorlds plug-in for their computer operating system (Windows or Mac). Users need to download and install the MicroWorlds Plugin only once (that is, not each time you create a new project)

  • A link to the .html file that shows your project

Windows users can view your project in the current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox. Mac users can view your project in Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Follow these steps to provide these two items via the web:

  1. When you post your project online, you need to provide a link for users to download a MicroWorlds plug-in for Windows and for Mac. Go to MicroWorlds and look for the Mac and Windows plug-ins on the home page.

  2. Post the following instructions on your web page so that users know what to do with the Windows and Mac plug-ins:

    • Window instructions: “First, download the MicroWorldsPlugin.exe file. Next, close any browser that is open. After it’s downloaded, double-click to launch the file. The installation process will start. Follow the instructions. Relaunch your browser.”

    • Mac instructions: “First, download the file. Next, close any browser that is open. After it’s downloaded, extract (unzip) the files inside the .zip file (if they do not do so automatically). Look for the unzipped file in your Downloads folder. Double-click the file and follow the instructions for installation. Relaunch your browser.”

  3. Post a link to the .html file containing your MicroWorlds EX project. Using your website editing software, create a hyperlink to the URL of the .html webpage of your project.