Create a Silly Story Game in MicroWorlds EX - dummies

Create a Silly Story Game in MicroWorlds EX

By Camille McCue

If you’ve ever played Mad Libs, you’ll love Silly Story! In this project, you use MicroWorlds EX to build a toy that creates a made-up story. In the process, you learn about how to handle text in programming code.

Text-handling involves anything in which text is input and then stored or output by the computer program. Sometimes the format of the text is changed so that it appears in a new way when output. Output text can be displayed, printed, or even spoken using the say command.

In Silly Story, players fill in words for prompts you create, such as adjective, celebrity, and exclamation. But they don’t know what the story is about! The toy then transfers the words into a story template to create the silly story.

For help getting started with MicroWorlds EX and more projects, check out Coding For Kids For Dummies. To check out Silly Story, download the complete Silly Story project as a PDF for free!