Selecting by the Edges in Your Digital Image - dummies

Selecting by the Edges in Your Digital Image

By Julie Adair King

The term edges refers to areas in your digital image where light areas meet dark areas. Many photo-editing programs allow you to draw a selection outline along an edge. The tool searches for edges near where you drag your mouse.

1Click at the point where you want the selection outline to begin.

You can start anywhere.

2Move or drag your mouse along the border of the object you’re trying to select.

Whether you need to simply move the mouse or drag (with the mouse button depressed) depends on your software.

While you move or drag the mouse, the tool automatically draws the selection outline along the border between the object and the background. At regular intervals, the program adds little squares to anchor the outline. You can see these squares, called fastening points in Elements, in this figure.

3Click to create your own fastening points, if needed.

To remove a fastening point, move the mouse cursor over the point and press Delete.

4To finish the outline, place your cursor over the first point in the outline and click.

This closes the selection.