Moving Your Digital Image Selection

You can move and copy digital image selections in your photo editor by using the commands Cut, Copy, and Paste. These commands probably appear in the Edit menu. Here’s the Cut/Copy/Paste command routine in a nutshell:

1Make a selection in your digital image file.

You can make this selection using any of the selection tools.

2If you select Copy, your photo editor duplicates the selected pixels and places them on the Clipboard, a temporary virtual storage tank.

Your original image is left intact.

3If you select Cut, your editor snips the pixels out of your image and places them on the Clipboard.

You’re left with a hole where the pixels used to be, as illustrated in this figure. In Elements, the hole takes on the current background paint color — white, in the figure.

4Select Paste to glue the contents of the Clipboard into your image.

After you dump the contents of the Clipboard into your photo, you may need to adjust the position of the pasted element slightly, as shown in this image (in which the coins have been moved onto the wood).