Drawing Freehand Selections on Your Digital Image

By Julie Adair King

The freehand selection tools let you select irregular areas of a digital image by tracing around them with your mouse. Frankly, you need a steady hand to draw precise selection outlines. To brave the freehand tool (in Elements, but most editing programs are similar).

1Click the New Selection icon to activate it.

That is, if it isn’t active already.

2Set the Anti-Aliased and Feather values, as desired.

On the options bar, specify how you want the Lasso to work.

3If you’re using the Lasso tool, just drag around the object you want to select.

When you reach the point where you began dragging, release the mouse button to close the selection outline.

4If you’re using the Polygonal Lasso tool, click to set the start of the first line, move the mouse to the spot where you want to end the segment, and then click to set the end point (as illustrated in this figure).

Keep clicking and moving the mouse to draw more line segments. When you get back to the starting point of the outline, release the mouse button to close the outline.