Cloning in Your Digital Image to Cover Flaws - dummies

Cloning in Your Digital Image to Cover Flaws

You can clone (copy and paste) pixels in your digital image to cover up defects in your photo. Just pick up the Clone tool, provided in most photo editors. With this Clone tool, copy and paste pixels simply by clicking or dragging:

1Activate your Clone tool.

In Elements, click the Clone tool icon in the toolbox.

2Establish the clone source.

The clone source is the area of your picture that you want to clone. The process for setting the clone source varies from program to program. In Elements, Alt-click (Windows) or Option-click (Mac) to set the clone source.

3Adjust the Clone tool’s settings, if necessary.

In Elements (shown in this figure), the Brush settings specify the size, shape, and softness of the tool brush. Mode controls how the cloned pixels blend with the original pixels. Opacity varies the opacity of the pixels you clone. Selecting the Aligned check box makes the clone source revert to its original position — the spot you clicked to establish the clone source — each time you click or begin a new drag with the tool. If you’re working on a photo that has multiple image layers, select the Use All Layers check box if you want the Clone tool to be able to see pixels on all layers.

4Click on or drag over the flaw that you want to cover.

The program copies pixels from the clone source onto the pixels underneath your cursor, as shown in this figure.