Photoshop 7 Palette Tools - dummies

Photoshop 7 Palette Tools

By Deke McClelland, Barbara Obermeier

Part of Photoshop 7 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The palettes of Photoshop 7 give you access to groups of related tools. So if you’re focusing on color, you can pull up the color palette and enliven your Photoshop images with a rainbow of shades. The following table shows how to access the various Photoshop 7 palettes in both Windows and Mac systems:

Palette/Action Windows Mac
Brushes palette F5 F5
Color palette F6 F6
Layers palette F7 F7
Info palette F8 F8
Actions palette F9 F9
Step forward in History palette Ctrl+Shift+Z Apple Command key+Shift+Z
Step backward in History palette Ctrl+Alt+Z Apple Command key+Option+Z
All palettes, status bar, options bar, and Toolbox Tab Tab
Just palettes Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Raise value in option box up arrow up arrow
Lower value in option box down arrow down arrow