Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating in Photoshop 6 - dummies

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating in Photoshop 6

By Deke McClelland, Barbara Obermeier

Part of Photoshop 6 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When you’re working with Photoshop 6, the navigation tools help you zoom in and out up and down, and generally navigate around an image. You can use the keyboard shortcuts in the following table to zip to and fro whether you’re on a PC or a Mac.

Action PC Mac
Scroll image spacebar+drag spacebar+drag
Zoom in Ctrl+spacebar+click Apple command key+spacebar+click
Zoom in and change window size Ctrl+plus Apple command key+plus
Zoom out Alt+spacebar+click Option+spacebar+click
Zoom out and change window size Ctrl+minus Apple command key+minus
Scroll up or down PageUp/PageDown Page Up/Page Down one screen
Scroll left or right Ctrl+Page Up/ Page Down Ctrl+Page Up/Page Down
Move to upper-left corner of image Home Home
Move to lower-right corner of image End End
Zoom to 100% Double-click on Zoom tool Double-click on Zoom tool
Fit on Screen Ctrl+0 Apple command key+0
Switch between Photoshop and the Finder or other open
Ctrl+Tab Apple command key+tab