Working with the Photoshop Elements 9 Project Bin - dummies

Working with the Photoshop Elements 9 Project Bin

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Project Bin in Photoshop Elements displays thumbnail views of all your open images. Regardless of whether you work in Edit Full or Edit Quick mode, you can immediately see a small image of all the pictures you have open at one time. You can also see thumbnail views of all the different views you create for a single picture.

If you want to rearrange the thumbnails in the Project Bin, click and drag horizontally to reorganize the order of the thumbnails.

All open pictures and new views are displayed as thumbnails in the Project Bin.
All open pictures and new views are displayed as thumbnails in the Project Bin.

Creating different views of an image

What? Different views of the same picture, you say? Yes, indeed. You might create a new view when you want to zoom in on an area for some precise editing and then want to switch back to a wider view. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Double-click a thumbnail image in the Project Bin.

    You must have a photo open in Edit Full mode. The photo you double-click in the Project Bin appears in the image window as the active document.

  2. Choose View→New Window for <filename>.

    Note that <filename> is the name of the file in the image window.

  3. Zoom to the new view.

    A new view appears for the active document, and you see another thumbnail image added to the Project Bin.

    To zoom quickly, click the Zoom tool and click a few times on the picture in the image window to zoom in to the photo.

  4. Toggle views of the same image.

    Double-click the original thumbnail to see the opening view; double-click the other thumbnail to see the zoomed view.

Hiding the Elements 9 Project Bin

The Project Bin takes up a lot of room at the bottom of the image window, and you’re not likely to want it open all the time while editing pictures. You can temporarily hide the Project Bin when you want more room in your Elements workspace for editing photos.

Click the left-pointing chevrons (or double-click the Project Bin tab) to collapse the bin (Windows) or double-click the title bar (Mac). When collapsed, the bin appears as a panel button. You can drag the button off to the right side of the screen in the Panel Bin area. To reopen the bin, click the right-pointing chevrons or double-click the Project Bin tab (Windows) or double-click the title bar (Mac).

Using Bin Actions

You can access Bin Actions via the Options menu (upper-right corner of the bin). Click the Options menu to start a new creation, share photos, print all the files open in the Bin, and save the Bin files as an album.

At the top left area of the Project Bin, you can find another feature for viewing files in Elements. Show Open Files (shown by default) is a drop-down menu that offers two options: the default option to show open files and another choice to show selected files from the Organizer. Choose Show Files Selected in Organizer to add the files in your Organizer to the Project Bin.