Working with Albums in Photoshop Elements 14 - dummies

Working with Albums in Photoshop Elements 14

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Albums offer one way to organize your images in Photoshop Elements. You can use albums to store photos that meet a specific set of criteria. Or use your Events and Places tags to find all the photos you took at a conference in Paris. When you need a folder for a special stash of digital photos, the Organizer’s albums feature is there for you.

Using albums for temporary work

You can add an album for temporary work and then delete the album when you no longer need it. Note that when you delete an album, your photos are not deleted from the Media Browser.

For instance, you may want to explore some of the creation and sharing items in the Create and Share panels. Before you peruse the options, create an album and add photos to it. Then proceed to use the sharing feature that interests you. When you finish, right-click to open a contextual menu and choose Delete <album name>.

Editing an album

After creating an album, you may want to change the album name, add more photos to an album, delete some photos from an album, change the album category, or make some other kind of edit.

Your first step in performing any kind of edit to an album is to look at the left side of the Organizer. In the Import panel, you see a list of albums under the Albums category. To edit an album, right-click the album name and choose Edit. After clicking Edit, the album appears in the Panel Bin on the right side of the Organizer.

Drag photos to the items window in the Add New Album Content panel.
Drag photos to the items window in the Add New Album Content panel.

Other commands are available in the context menu you open from an album name in the Import panel. You can rename an album, delete an album, explore some export options, share an album, and add more media to your album.

If you want to use the context menu commands, you must close the Add New Album panel in the Panel Bin. While this panel is open, you cannot open a context menu on an album name. Click either Done or Cancel to close the Add New Album panel in the Panel Bin.

Sharing your albums

An album is a starting point for many exciting things you can do with a collection of photos. Albums help you assemble a collection of photos that can be viewed on many devices and shared with others. There are many ways you can share your albums with friends, family, and even the world, if you like:

  • Host albums online for others to view your photos.

  • Save the albums to a file on your hard drive.

  • Organize an album for sharing photos with others on Adobe Revel.

  • View albums as slide shows.