Work with Adobe Revel and Photoshop Elements - dummies

Work with Adobe Revel and Photoshop Elements

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

You might momentarily deviate from using Photoshop Elements’ Share panel and consider sharing photos using Adobe Revel, which you access from the Import panel on the left side of the Organizer.

Adobe Revel is a web hosting service for storing your photos in the cloud, where you can view and share your photos on all your devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and so on. When you edit a photo, the photo is automatically updated on all devices.

Adobe Revel is going through many changes and may not be fully updated yet. Be sure to check web extras for any updates it might have.

In Elements 11, when Adobe Revel was first introduced, there was a direct link in the Share panel to Adobe Revel on both Windows and the Mac. In Elements 12, Adobe Revel occupies a space in the Import panel on the left side of the Organizer and a link in the Share panel.

During the first release of Adobe Revel, the service was a subscription that required a monthly fee. Now Revel provides users with a free service that permits you to upload up to 50 photos per month. You can upgrade the subscrption for a paid service that provides you more storage space for a monthly service fee.

Earlier versions of Elements had support for and Adobe Showcase. These services are being discontinued in favor of Adobe Revel. For a limited time, you can migrate your media from other Adobe services to Adobe Revel.

When you visit the Adobe Revel website and log in with your Adobe ID and password, you arrive at your Carousel, which displays all your photo uploads. The Adobe Revel website is limted to viewing photos and sharing your photos. As of this writing, there are no provisions on the website to edit your photos from within your web browser.