Using Search in Photoshop Elements 15 - dummies

Using Search in Photoshop Elements 15

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

At the top of the Media Browser, you find the word Search and a magnifying glass. In previous versions of Elements, you typed a word in a Search text box. All that has changed in Elements 15.

When you click Search at the top of the Media Browser window, the interface changes to an overlay with a series of buttons along the left side of the window.

Before you get too far, you should know that you can exit the overlay window at any time by clicking Grid in the upper-left corner. You’re then returned to the normal Media Browser window.

You can explore the various options by mousing over the icons at the left side of the window, such as the Smart Tags (second from top). The search options available to you include the following:

  • Media Types: Mouse over Media Types, and you find options for searching photos, audio files, videos, and projects.
  • Smart Tags: When you create a catalog and import photos, the photos are tagged with Smart tags. Click one of the clusters, and the photos with the respective tags are displayed in the Media Browser.
  • Keyword Tags: Any photos you’ve tagged with Keyword tags are shown.
  • People: All the people you’ve tagged are shown in people clusters.
  • Albums: Click this icon and all the albums you’ve created are shown.
  • Folders: You can restrict searching to photos from given folders in your catalog by clicking the Folders icon.
  • Calendar: Use this search item to restrict your search to date ranges.
  • Places: Photos you have tagged with locations are shown according to geographic location.
  • Events: All events tagged with Event tags are shown.
  • Stars: You can search for photos you’ve tagged with star ratings.

When you click an item in any of the search categories, only those items with the respective tags are displayed in the Media Browser. To return to a full catalog view, click Grid at the upper-left side of the Media Browser window.