Use Quick Photo Edit Mode in Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

Use Quick Photo Edit Mode in Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Quick Photo Edit mode is designed to provide you with just those tools that you need to prepare a picture for its intended destination, whether it’s printing, onscreen viewing, or one of the other organizing items. Use this mode to make your pictures look good.

You don’t find tools for adding text, painting with brushes, or applying gradients in Quick Photo Edit mode. Rather, what you find is a completely different set of panels for enhancing the overall look of your image, such as balancing contrast and brightness, lighting, and sharpening. This mode is like having a digital darkroom on your desktop, where you take care of perfecting an image like you would in analog photography darkrooms.

To enter Quick Photo Edit mode while you’re in Full Photo Edit mode, click the Quick tab and the view changes.


There are several differences between Full Photo Edit mode and Quick Photo Edit mode:

  • Completely different sets of panels are docked in the Panels Bin. All the panels in Quick Photo Edit mode are related to adjusting brightness controls, and they’re designed to improve the overall appearance of your pictures.

    In addition, all the Windows menu commands for accessing panels are grayed out. While you work in Quick Photo Edit mode, Elements insists on limiting your use of panels to just the ones docked in the Panels Bin. Moreover, you can’t undock panels from the Panels Bin by dragging them out, as you can in other modes.

  • The Tools panel shrinks. Quick Photo Edit mode offers only these tools on the Tools panel:

    • Zoom

    • Hand

    • Magic Selection Brush

    • Crop

    • Red Eye Removal

    • Whiten Teeth

    • Make Dull Skies Blue

    • Black and White — High Contrast

    None of the other Elements tools are accessible while you work in this mode.

  • Multiple viewing options are available. The Before view on the left displays the unedited image. The After view shows you the results of changes you make with panel options and menu commands. You select different viewing modes from menu choices on the View drop-down menu below the image window.

If you want to return to Full Photo Edit mode, simply click the Full tab and the edited version appears in Full Photo Edit mode, where you can use all the Editor tools.