Use Photoshop Elements' Impressionist Brush - dummies

Use Photoshop Elements’ Impressionist Brush

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Impressionist Brush in Photoshop Elements is designed to paint over your photos in a way that makes them look like fine art paintings. You can set various options that change the style of the brush strokes.

  1. Select the Impressionist Brush from the Tools panel.

    It looks like a brush with a curlicue next to it. You can also press B to cycle through the brushes.

  2. Set your brush options.

    The Brushes presets (Size, Opacity, and Mode options) are identical to those found with the Brush tool. You can also find some unique options on the Advanced drop-down panel in the Tool Options:

    • Style: This drop-down menu contains various brush stroke styles, such as Dab and Tight Curl.

    • Area: Controls the size of your brush stroke. The larger the value, the larger the area covered.

    • Tolerance: Controls how similar color pixels have to be before they’re changed by the brush stroke.

  3. Drag on your image and paint with your brush strokes, as shown in the figure.

    The best way to get a feel for what this tool does is to open your favorite image, grab the tool, and take it for a test drive.

    The Impressionist Brush turns your photo into a painting. [Credit: © Imag
    Credit: © Image #1725665
    The Impressionist Brush turns your photo into a painting.