Understanding the Adobe Revel Interface - dummies

Understanding the Adobe Revel Interface

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

Regardless of whether you work on a desktop or an iOS device with Photoshop Elements and Adobe Revel, the applications provide you with similar features, although there are some slight differences in the interfaces. This figure shows the Revel interface on an iOS device.


Here are the main features:

  • Toggle Library Panel: Tap the icon to open the left panel where you can choose between photos downloaded from Photoshop.com and photos stored in your Adobe Revel Carousel. Think of the Adobe Carousel as a library of photos.

  • Add: On an iOS device, tapping this button opens the Camera Roll on your device. (Camera Roll is where the photos you take on your device are stored.) You can tap a photo or multiple photos from your Camera Roll and add them to your library. On the desktop version, a dialog box opens, allowing you to navigate your hard drive and add photos stored in folders.

  • Grid view: The photos are viewed as thumbnails on a grid similar to the Media Browser view in Photoshop Elements. In the desktop application, you see Grid appearing in the top-left corner of the Adobe Revel window.

  • Track view: This view displays the photos from top to bottom in a single row. Date information appears as a caption, and you can use the pencil icon to add the photo as an event. In the desktop application, you click the date to open a dialog box where you can add event information.

  • Sort: Two options appear in a drop-down menu: Oldest First and Newest First. In the desktop application, you can sort by All Photos by Date, Events by Date, Events by Name, and Added By. The Added By option is the username for the person who added the photo.

  • Action menu: This menu provies options for:

    • Add to Album: Tap this menu item and tap photos from the thumbnails view to add selected photos to an existing album or create a new album. In the desktop version, a dialog box opens and allows you to navigate your hard drive and add photos from folders to existing albums.

    • Share Photos: Check the photos you want to share and you find options at the bottom of the window for Email, Facebook, and More. When you tap the More button, you find additional options to assign a photo to your contacts or copy the photo.

      In the desktop version, the Share button appears in the top-left corner of the window adjacent to the + symbol used for adding photos to an album. When you tap the Share button, a menu opens that provides options for copying the link to an e-mail, viewing an album in a web browser, and stop sharing the photo or album.

    • Save to Camera Roll: This option is available only on iOS devices. Choose this option to save a photo to your device’s Camera Roll.

    • Delete Photos: Tap this option to delete the photo from your Carousel/Library. On the desktop version, you can Control-click and choose Remove Photo from Album.

  • Photo thumbnails: This view shows all the photos in your Revel account for the photos stored in your Carousel or from your Photoshop.com download depending on which item you have selected in the left panel.

  • Display all photos: By default, this view appears where all photos are displayed.

  • Favorites: This view displays photos you have marked as Favorites. To mark a photo as a Favorite, you need to first tap the photo and then tap the Add to Favorites icon represented by a heart shape. On the desktop version, you view Favorites by clicking the My Favorites button at the top of the left panel.

    When you click a photo on the desktop version, you mark a photo as a Favorite by clicking the star icon at the top right of the window.

  • Albums: Tap this button to display all albums. In the desktop version, the albums are listed in a hierarchical view in the left panel according to album name.

  • Explore view: The Explore view displays your photos in larger thumbnail sizes, and you can move the photos around the window by tapping and dragging to scroll through them. This view appears only on iOS devices.

  • Share Album: As of this writing, the Share Album button opens a window without much information. Tap anywhere on the window, and the Album view appears. You can select an album and share it — however, this method isn’t much different from tapping the Albums button and choosing a share option.

The real power in Adobe Revel is editing photos.