The Zoom Tool in Photoshop Elements 12 - dummies

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

You can use the Zoom tool to zoom in and out of the Image window in Photoshop Elements. You first click to select the Zoom tool in the Tools panel and then click the photo to zoom in. (To zoom out, press the Alt [Option] key when clicking the Zoom tool on the photo.)

While working on an image using another tool from the Tools panel, you can temporarily access the Zoom tool without clicking it in the Tools panel. Press Ctrl+spacebar (Cmd+spacebar on the Mac), and the cursor changes to the Zoom In tool. To zoom out, press Ctrl+Alt+spacebar (Cmd+Option+spacebar on the Mac). When you release the keys on the keyboard, you return to the tool last selected in the Tools panel.

When you select the Zoom tool in the Tools panel, the Options panel shows your choices for zooming, as shown in the figure.


The tools available in the Zoom tool Options panel are

  • +/–: The plus and minus icons are for zooming in and out of a photo in the Image window. Click one of the icons to zoom in or out.

  • Slider and Percent readout: You can change the number in the text box to zoom to a percentage size. Drag the slider left/right to zoom out/in, respectively.

  • Resize Windows to Fit: When you select the check box, the zoom resizes the window to the size of the image or the maximum size of the window.

  • Zoom All Windows: If you have multiple photos open in the Image window, all photos are zoomed together when you zoom views.

  • Actual Pixels: The ratio is reported in this text box. When the photo is shown at 100 percent size, the ratio reads 1:1. The ratio changes as you change zoom views.

  • Fit Screen: Zooms the current window to the screen size.

  • Fill Screen: Click this button to zoom the image to the largest size that fits within the workspace.

  • Print Size: Click this button, and the photo zooms to the size that the file will be when it’s printed.