The Pen and Ink Filter in Photoshop Elements - dummies

The Pen and Ink Filter in Photoshop Elements

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Pen and Ink filter in Photoshop Elements creates an effect that looks like a hand-drawn pen-and- ink sketch. In the Pen and Ink filter dialog box, choose from four presets. Each preset colors the image blue, purple, gray, or green respectively.

[Credit: ©]
Credit: ©

Then you can adjust the default setting of the sliders for the various settings for the Pen and Ink areas of the filtered image:

  • Detail: A higher value creates finer, crisper edges.

  • Width: A higher value creates thicker, goopier strokes, and a lower value creates crisper strokes.

  • Darkness: A higher value creates more areas of darkness.

  • Contrast: The higher the value, the more contrasty the image and more dark ink strokes are applied.

  • Hue: Adjust the slider to select your desired color along the color ramp.

  • Contrast: A higher value adds more contrast, darkness, and colored areas.

  • Fill: Fills the image with more areas of color and less white.