Sort Your Photos in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer - dummies

Sort Your Photos in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

With all the Photoshop Elements modes and workspaces, you need a consistent starting place to handle all your editing tasks. Think of the Organizer as Grand Central Station, from which you can take the Long Island Railroad to any destination you desire.

In Elements terms, rather than head out to Port Washington, you travel to an editing mode. Rather than go to the Hamptons, you journey through all the creation areas. In short, the Organizer is the central depot on the Photoshop Elements map.

In addition to being a tool to navigate to other workspaces, the Organizer is a management tool you can use to organize, sort, search, and describe photos with identity information. In terms of sorting and organizing files, Elements provides many different options.

Use Organizer sort commands in Photoshop Elements 10

One quick way to sort images in the Organizer is to use the menu in the Shortcuts bar in the Organizer window for date sorting. Two options are available to you.


The Date View options are selectable only when you first click Thumbnail View. Menu options are grayed out in all other views.

The sorting options available to you from the menu are

  • Date (Newest First): Select this option to view images according to the date you took the photos, beginning with the most recent date.

  • Date (Oldest First): Select this option to view images starting with the oldest file.

You can also view files according to the import batch date and folder locations. Under the Display menu, you have options for

  • Import Batch: You might import a batch of photos in one Photoshop Elements session and import another batch in the same session or in another session. When you select Import Batch, the images appear organized in groups, according to the date the batch was created.

  • Folder Location: Click Folder Location to make an Explorer (Finder on the Macintosh) pane appear on the left side of the Organizer window. You can browse your hard drive for folder locations and select a folder containing images you imported into the Organizer.

Sort by media types in Photoshop Elements 10

You can also sort photos according to media type. Elements supports viewing photos, video files, audio files, projects, and Adobe PDF files. To select different media types, choose View→Media Types, and a submenu offers options for viewing the different media types. Select a menu item from the submenu to make all media types matching the menu command appear in the Organizer window.