Share Photoshop Elements 10 Images on Social Networks - dummies

Share Photoshop Elements 10 Images on Social Networks

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

You have a variety of options for sharing Photoshop Elements 10 photos and placing orders on a number of different service networks. Previous users of Elements will immediately notice that services such as Flickr, Facebook, and SmugMug Gallery have been promoted from options nested in the More Options drop-down menu to buttons shown in the Share panel.

Share photos on Flickr and Facebook

Uploading photos from Photoshop Elements 10 to Flickr and Facebook involves the same process. You first select photos, albums, or creations in the Organizer and then click either the Flickr or Facebook button in the Share panel.

The first window that appears is an authorization window where you grant permission to the host for accepting files from Elements to your account. Click the Share to Flickr button in the Share panel and the Share to Flickr window opens.


You need to authorize Elements to communicate with Flickr before uploading any content. Click the Authorize button, and you proceed to a log-on page where you supply your account sign-in and password information.

Once logged on to a site, the process for uploading images is quite easy.


Attribute choices in the Share to Facebook window are straightforward and easy to follow. If you want to add more photos, click the plus (+) button. Selecting a thumbnail in the window and clicking the minus (–) button deletes the photo. You can choose to add photos to existing Facebook albums or create a new album by making the respective radio button choice.

Notice that you also have privacy options. For Facebook, open the Who can see these photos? drop-down menu and make a choice for whom you want to see your photos. In Flickr, you have choices for Private and Public. Within the Private option, you have choices for visibility to Friends or Family.

Other online services and Photoshop Elements 10

After you become familiar with uploading photos to a service, you can easily follow similar steps to upload photos to any of the services that are supported by Elements. You first encounter the window to authorize an account. When setting up a new account, you can log on to the service and create the new account.

When you enter a site for sharing photos, printing photos, or creating items such as photo frames, follow the easy online steps that each service provides.