Set Up the Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer Environment - dummies

Set Up the Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer Environment

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

To access your preferences for the Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer, choose Edit→Preferences or press Ctrl+K (Adobe Elements 12 Organizer→Preferences or Cmd+K on the Mac).

Initially, you may be confused because both the Photo Editor and the Organizer display your preference options in a dialog box named Preferences. However, a quick glance at the Preferences dialog box for the Organizer, shown in this figure, shows you a set of choices that are much different from those you see when you access preferences in the Photo Editor.

In the Organizer Preferences dialog box, some buttons common to all panes are the following:

  • Restore Default Settings: Click this button and all preferences return to defaults.

  • OK/Cancel: Click OK to accept changes and Cancel to dismiss the dialog box without changing settings.

  • Help: Click the Help button to get online Help information related to the Organizer preference options.

The General preferences affect a miscellaneous group of settings for the user interface and apply to files when you’re using the Create panel. The options are

  • Print Sizes: You can print photos directly from the Organizer without opening them in an edit mode (Windows). This setting is used for choosing a unit of measure for the print output.

  • Date (Newest First): Choose from displaying images beginning with the oldest first or the newest first of the dates that the photos were taken.

  • Date Format: Choose between two different format types when displaying dates.

  • Allow Photos to Resize: When selected, you can scale photos over 100 percent.

  • Use System Font (Windows): This option uses a current selected system font instead of an application font, such as the default Arial font.

  • Adjust Date and Time by Clicking on Thumbnail Dates: Click dates in the thumbnails to adjust them.

  • Reset All Warning Dialogs: This button resets all dialog boxes to their defaults.