Set Camera or Card Reader Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer - dummies

Set Camera or Card Reader Preferences in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The Camera or Card Reader preferences in Photoshop Elements 12 Organizer, shown in the figure, determine how you acquire images from digital cameras and media storage cards. Your computer may have a built-in card reader in which you can insert a media card, such as CompactFlash or Smart Media, or a USB card reader that supports a media card.

You may have a cable that connects from your camera to a USB port on your computer. You use these preference options with media cards, camera connections, and download options.


The Camera or Card Reader preferences options are

  • Save Files In (Browse): The directory where files are saved by default appears listed in the Camera or Card Reader preferences. Click the Browse button to choose another folder for the default location.

  • Automatically Fix Red Eyes: As files are imported, red-eye removal is performed when this check box is selected.

  • Automatically Suggest Photo Stacks: You can stack photos that contain similar image content to minimize the space in the Organizer window. When this check box is selected, Organizer prompts you with suggestions for stacking the photos.

  • Automatically Stack Raw and JPEG: If you use a digital SLR camera that stores each photo you take in both Camera Raw and JPEG formats, selecting this box tells Elements to stack these images together in the Organizer.

  • Download Options (Edit/Remove) (Windows): Select the item listed in the list window and click the Edit button. You can choose from three different download options for the dialog box display when copying photos from cameras and card readers.

  • Begin Download (Windows): Open the drop-down list and choose to download photos immediately or after several delay options.

  • Create Subfolder(s) Using (Windows): Subfolders can be created automatically when copying photos to your hard drive based on several different date options for the folder names.

  • Delete Options (Windows): Choose from several options to delete photos from the source (or not) after copying the photos to your hard drive.

  • Copy New Files Only (Ignore Already Imported Files) (Windows): Keep this check box selected to avoid adding duplicate files when copying from a folder or device.