Search Captions and Notes in Photoshop Elements 10

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

When captions or notes are added to files, you can search for the caption name, contents of a note, or both by selecting the Find→By Caption or Note command the selecting the appropriate options.

To search caption names and notes, follow these steps:

1Open files in the Organizer by choosing File→Get Photos and Videos, and then choosing a submenu command for acquiring files.

If you’re opening files stored on your hard drive, choose the From Files and Folders submenu command.

2Choose Find→By Caption or Note.

The Find by Caption or Note dialog box opens.

3Select the appropriate option.

Find Items with Caption or Note: In the text box, type the words you want to locate.

Match Only the Beginning of Words in Captions and Notes: Click this radio button when you know that your caption or note begins with words you type in the text box.

Match Any Part of Any Word in Captions and Notes: Click this radio button if you’re not sure whether the text typed in the box is used at the beginning of a caption or note, or whether it’s contained within the caption name or note text.

4Click OK.

The Results appear in the Organizer window.