Resize Your Nature Photos in Photoshop Elements - dummies

Resize Your Nature Photos in Photoshop Elements

By Doug Sahlin

Your digital camera has a set size and resolution for the images it captures. The size depends on the resolution of the camera in megapixels. You can use Photoshop Elements to resize your images prior to exporting them for e-mail, posting them on a website, or creating prints. To do so, specify the image size and resolution.

Your camera has a maximum dimension and a set resolution at which it captures images. You can change the size and resolution using your camera menu. However, unless you’re using images for the web, I recommend you capture images at your camera’s maximum size and resolution.

1Open the image you want to resize in either the Edit Quick or the Full Edit workspace.

You can resize images to a specific size. Resizing is also known as resampling. You can resample images to a smaller size with no loss of fidelity. However, if you try to increase the size of an image, you’re asking the image-editing application to redraw pixels, which causes image degradation.

2Choose Image→Resize→Image Size.

This opens the Image Size dialog.

3In the Document Size section, enter the desired resolution.

You’ll get your best results on most printers if you specify a resolution of 300 pixels per inch.

4Enter the desired size in either the Width or Height text box.

As long as you accept the default option to Constrain Proportions, Photoshop Elements supplies the other value. If you don’t accept the Constrain Proportions option, your image will be distorted.

5Choose an option from the Resample Image drop-down list.

Bicubic is always the best when you’re resampling to a smaller size.

6Click OK.

Photoshop Elements resizes the image.

You can also change the image size by changing resolution. Deselect the Resample Image option and enter the desired resolution. If you enter a smaller resolution, the document size (print size) becomes larger. If you enter a higher resolution, the document size becomes smaller.