Reduce Shake with the Adjust Facial Features Command in Photoshop Elements 15

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

The new Adjust Facial Features in Elements 15 command is a light, automated version of the infamous Liquify feature, the power tool used to retouch many a magazine photo. Adjust Facial Features doesn’t allow for much manual manipulation, but the effect is pretty dramatic, not to mention seamless and easy to use. Get ready for retouching requests from friends and family!

Here’s how to use this feature:

  1. Open an image in Expert or Quick mode.
  2. Choose Enhance→Adjust Facial Features.

    The Adjust Facial Features dialog box appears.

    In the dialog box, a circle surrounds the area that will be affected by the adjustments. Note that Elements first analyzes whether it’s truly a face or not.

  3. Use the sliders to modify facial features such as eyes, nose, lips, chin, and face.
  4. Toggle your Before and After button to view your results.
  5. Satisfied? Click OK. Not satisfied? Start over by clicking Reset.