Rate Images in Photoshop Elements 10 - dummies

By Barbara Obermeier, Ted Padova

You can rate photos in the Organizer by tagging images with one to five stars. You might have some photos that are exceptional, which you want to give five-star ratings, whereas poor photos with lighting and focus problems might be rated with one star.

Rating photos is handled in the Properties panel. To assign a star rating to a photo, open a contextual menu by right-clicking the photo and select Show Properties from that menu. The Properties – General panel opens. Click a star to rate the photo.


Alternatively, you can click a photo, choose Edit→Ratings, and choose a star rating from the submenu that appears, or simply click a star choice in the Media Browser for each photo you want to rate.

When you select a star rating on the Shortcuts bar, all your rated photos appear with the number of stars according to the rating you provided. You can use the adjacent drop-down menu to choose whether to show the current star choice and all ratings higher, or the current choice and all ratings lower.


You can easily view photos according to ratings by choosing the Edit→Ratings command and selecting a star rating from the submenu.